DC Universe

Season 2 Episode 10


Everyone is still separated and Dick Grayson is behind bars.


Time seems to work differently in Titans land. When we left the Titans they were drifting apart figuratively and literally and in this episode, Dick has been arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and transported to prison with seemingly no one noticing. One would think that a former police detective attacking federal officers in a crowded airport would engender some national or even local news coverage, but nope.


Rachel meets and befriends a kid in a soup kitchen as Donna continues to search for her. Unfortunately, Rachel’s out of control dark side is manifesting in ways that should make them the focus of the episode, but they are reduced to a throwaway scene.


Gar finds Connor again with the help of Krypto, but Cadmus is still on his tail and hunting for him throughout the city. Mercy Graves story is mildly compelling in the contrast between her controlled work life and chaotic home experience, but that’s all you get before Cadmus storms the tower and captures everyone. I swear, for superheroes, these guys get captured all the time.

Dick decides to spend his time in prison alone until the opportunity to help someone presents itself. Dick in prison makes no sense whatsoever and only serves to continue this suicidal self-destructive streak that has already become tiresome. I don’t know why this is the catalyst for his turn to Nightwing, but the seeds of it are not only too obvious, but not entertaining or engaging.

Titans S02XE10




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