DC Universe

Season 2 Episode 9


Dick confesses the truth of what happened to Jericho and the team goes their separate ways.


After finally telling everyone assembled the truth, the rifts between the former and current Titans continue to grow. Everyone decides to go their separate ways, leaving Dick in the tower alone and trying to determine his next move.

Kory goes off to deal with some personal issues related to her family ties. Donna takes off with Rachel and Jason leaves with Rose. The only one left in the tower is Gar and a still recovering Connor.


When Dick finally decides to leave, he begins a mission of atonement starting with a visit to Jericho’s mother that will lead him face to face with Slade. Their moments are filled with tension and some of the only well written parts of this episode. Esai Morales continues to impress with his performance as Slade.

The Starfire/Blackfire subplot is interesting and teases a more engaging external threat than what’s been introduced so far. The rest of the plots, including Superboy’s first foray as a Titans are clumsy in both writing and execution.


This episode is one of the weakest of the season and did nothing to either enhance any of the other stories, clear any of the dangling plot threads or make Dick’s decision at the end of the episode make any sense.

Titans S02XE09




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