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Season 2 Episode 3


Titans -- Ep. 203 -- “Ghosts”

There are going to be some harsh lessons learned and even harsher choices made in this third episode of the second season.

Bitter Homecoming

Titans -- Ep. 203 -- "Ghost"

The former Titans return to the tower and Dick has to not only face the fact that Dr. Light is back and targeting them, but also that he is harboring the daughter of Deathstroke. He decides to tell his former teammates and they do not take the news well. Even Dawn, who is normally the sweet and forgiving one, is upset about who she is and why Dick brought her to the tower. All of the former Titans have to confront their past as Donna confronts Dick, Hank and Dawn feel the temptation of their past and Dick and Hank deal with a failed attempt to take down Light. It’s a great series of moments throughout the episode that reveals bits and pieces of the events that broke the team while leaving enough mystery to keep me interested.

Confronting Destiny

Titans -- Ep. 203 -- "TBD"

Kory wakes up in an upscale hotel with the guy who kidnapped her in the last episode. He reveals that it is time for her to return to Tamaran to take her place as queen and his connection to her and what will happen to him if he fails to deliver her prompt her to think about her future and her responsibility. There are some great moments in these scenes that set up future conflicts for Kory when her decision is revealed.

Titans are back….sort of

Titans -- Ep. 203 -- “Ghosts”

The new Titans are sparring in the training room when a strike from Jason Todd sends Rachel into a violent rage that threatens to end Jason’s life. Dick ask Gar to help track Dr. Light and Rachel reaches out to Kory for help because she feels alone and worried that everyone is going to leave. Jason confronts Dick multiple times about being sidelined and he tricks Gar into helping him track Light. An act that will have unfortunate consequences.

This is a solid episode that highlights both the history of this team and its tenuous future. All of the performances are solid and Esai Morales is menacing as Deathstroke. The plan he lays out is classic for fans of the characters and the comics and it is interesting to see those plans move forward. All of the side stories are effective in creating a broad portrait of these characters and their world and I can’t wait to see how these story continues to evolve.

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