The Sacrificers #8

Image Comics

Written by Rick Remender

Art by Max Fiumara

Colors by Dave McCaig

Letters by Rus Wooton

The Rundown: Pigeon attempts to return home and discovers a new purpose.

Pigeon has escaped becoming a sacrifice, but he also witnesses the devastation left across the land from the missing and vengeful gods that rule them. He decides to return home to find the one person who treated him with kindness, his sister.

Unfortunately, Pigeon will discover his family home destroyed and no one left behind. Traveling to town, he is recognized as a failed sacrifice and brought to the town leader who will use him to ask forgiveness. An act that will force Pigeon to embrace a new destiny.

The Story: Remender delivers an exciting and engaging story in this issue. Pigeon’s story has continued to intrigue me and this is a satisfying and interesting turn for the character that I want to see explored. His story has been one of the more compelling elements of this series and the end of this issue opens up so many delicious and intriguing avenues for him while leaving me with a sense of wonder and apprehension about what happens next.

The Art: Fiumara delivers some wonderful art throughout the issue. The visual representation of Pigeon’s journey home is harrowing and the art perfectly captures the dark tone of the story.

The Sacrificers #8



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