DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 5


Dick and his new “family” have been on the run and playing Defense for too long. After finding a quiet, nondescript motel to hide in, Dick decides to take the team to an abandoned farm in order to have them manifest their powers and to train them in how to use them effectively.

We see that Kory has power, but no control. Gar has the ability to transform, but no fighting skills and Rachel can’t control her powers at all. When it comes to Dick, he continues to hold back telling them who he is. When they return to the motel, Kory and Dick get closer over a bottle of Patron while the Nuclear Family greets their new Nuclear Dad.

The Nuclear Family tracks down the team and attacks. The brutality of the fight on both sides was great and the fight choreography was amazing. They took great pains to show how acrobatic Dick would be in a fight and it was beautifully shot. In order to stop the Nuclear Family from taking Rachel, Dick has to suit up as Robin to take them down. His reveal inspires the rest of them to fight and they manage to capture them.

When Dick finds clues to their mysterious benefactor, he travels to meet him. After a pretty intense conversation with a character I want to learn more about, we get our first sense of the scope of the conspiracy to capture Rachel and Dick is introduced to his replacement.

This was a really intense and fun episode. All of the reveals worked and seeing the team finally working as one was what I was looking forward to. All that aside, someone stop at a Walmart and get Kory a pair of sweats or some yoga pants and a t-shirt please. Unlike many of the people on the internet, I don’t have an issue with Kory’s look. I like it in fact. What I take issue with is that Kory has been in that same outfit for conservatively a week, including the flight from Europe.

If someone could add a scene showing her wearing something else while she washes the dress or that she has multiple copies of the dress in her luggage, it probably wouldn’t bother me as much. This is the Titans I was looking forward to seeing and having them start to gel this early in the season gives me hope that they will grow and evolve as a team as the season progresses.

Titans S01XE05




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