Tim Drake: Robin #7

DC Comics

Written by Meghan Fitzmartin

Art by Serg Acuña

Colors by Lee Loughridge

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: Bernard Dowd is featured as his date night with Tim turns chaotic due to various situations.

As Bernard and Tim prepare to go out to dinner at an exclusive restaurant, they have a quiet discussion about family. Once they arrive, they discover Bernard’s parents had similar plans, and a meeting between the two couples becomes turns into a confrontation. Then, an attack from a supervillain causes even more contention with Bernard and his family. Bernard briefly escapes the crime scene and has a brief but heartfelt moment with Tim, before the hero rushes back to fight his enemies. Bernard soon follows in an attempt to rescue his mom and dad. Later, Bernard and Tim review the night’s events, ending with the lovers reaffirming their sincerity. Finally, the Dowd’s relationship is explored, and Mrs. Dowd makes a request.

The Story: Fitzmartin uses an interesting method of storytelling in this issue. The various sections are broken up based on a restaurant menu, designed in such a way that it mimics the couple’s dating plan. I thought this was a very clever way to signify the importance of the subsequent events in Bernard’s heart. Honestly, I think this may be my favorite episode of the series. It’s a beautifully written love story that is both introspective and smart. And I really appreciate the way that Bernard’s perspective is portrayed. It allows for a more nuanced view of not only his background, but the importance of Tim in his life. Overall, I felt this narrative did a great job balancing heartfelt emotional content and intense action. Well done.

The Art: This is a visually appealing issue that is crafted in a modern, realistic styling. The attention to detail in both fore and background provide an immersive experience that greatly enhances the storytelling.

Tim Drake: Robin #7



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  • DCfan

    March 30, 2023 - 8:35 pm

    Tim legit walks away from a burning building with people inside and you gave this a 9.8?!?!?!? He and only goes back because he solves a riddle in his head that makes no sense, especially because Fitzmartin doesn’t know her powerset.

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