Thunderbolts #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Jim Zub

Art by Sean Izaakse and Netho Diaz

Inks by Sean Izaakse and Victor Nava

Colors by Java Tartaglia

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: The Thunderbolts finds themselves in the hands of a literal Nightmare.

Clint and every member of his team find themselves dealing with their internal doubts and personal struggles. All at the hands of Nightmare who not only wants revenge, but the power of America Chaves. After using her to trap the team, he reveals his plans to siphon off power from across the multiverse using her doubts to keep her in line.

With the fate of the team on the line, America will have to face some dark reality in order to get the strength to fight back. A fight that will show whether or not the Thunderbolts are capable of both working as a team and fighting threats no one else can.

The Story: Zub brings this story to a great close with a story that showcases how unique and interesting the characters are while also giving America Chaves the chance to shine. I like the conflict and how it is personal for the characters, especially Clint. The action is great and I love that the story still keeps its comedic edge throughout.

The Art: Both artists deliver some beautifully detailed and visually thrilling art that captures the eye and the imagination throughout.

Thunderbolts #5



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