Batman Beyond the White Knight #7

DC Comics

Written by Sean Murphy

Art by Sean Murphy

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: In order to stop Derek Powers, Bruce will have to connect his family and take on his legacy.

In the wake of tragedy, Bruce deals with the reality of taking on another protégé in the form of Dick Grayson. After some wise words from Alfred, Bruce makes his decision. A decision he will remember as he cradles his injured son in his arms while fights to get him to his wife and the medical attention he needs. Unfortunately, their escape is hampered by Powers who finds himself facing Terry in the new Batman suit.

Powers takes control of the suit and sends Terry after Bruce and Dick. As Bruce faces off against the legacy of what he has created as Batman, he finds that he is not alone as his family stands by his side in order to stop Powers once and for all.

The Story: An intense, emotional and exciting story frim Murphy. The action is awesome, the plot has great energy and pacing and I love the build up throughout the issue to an amazing moment with Bruce and his allies. The Powers threat allows for some thrilling surprises and I cannot wait to see how this story comes to a conclusion.

The Art: Murphy delivers some powerful and beautifully detailed art throughout the issue with fantastic and visually thrilling action mixed in with great character moments.

Batman Beyond the White Knight #7



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