729071._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Thor #9

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Mike Del Mundo

Letters by Joe Sabino

The newest Agent of Wakanda is about to uncover a game-changing clue about the War of the Realms.

Roz Solomon is still getting used to being a former Agent of SHIELD and current Agent of Wakanda under Okoye. As the head of the Dora Milaje takes the new agent on a tour of headquarters and introduces her to her teammates like Kazar, Roz is overwhelmed by the scope of her new role as well as the assets and equipment she will be using in the field. Equipment that will be life and death for her when she begins her first mission.


After dealing with some personal baggage from her relationship with Thor and his new relationship with She-Hulk, Roz tracks a group of Dark Elves to a brownstone in Queens where they have summoned a Frost Giant using a method that will definitely get Thor’s attention. A method that could tilt the War of the Realms in Malekith’s favor.

I liked that this issue shifted focus away from Thor and more towards the investigation into Malekith’s plans. The discovery that Roz makes is an important breakthrough and Jason Aaron does a great job of not only emphasizing its importance, but also giving Roz a fun character arc that not only grows her as a character, but gives her significance in the story beyond being one of Thor’s exes. She has a great character arc in this issue and the dangers that she both faces and overcomes do a lot to make her character stand out.

Mike Del Mundo’s art is gorgeous both in character rendering and backgrounds. Every panel looks like an amazing piece of art and his depictions of Roz’s facial expressions is great. Del Mundo captures so much in these panels that they force the eye to take everything in.

Thor #9




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