infinite-dark-2_ac8ce94f36Infinite Dark #2

Image Comics

Written by Ryan Cady

Art by Andrea Mutti

Colors by K Michael Russell

Letters by Troy Peteri

Deva is continuing to find it difficult dealing with the aftermath of the deaths of two members of the community as well as what she saw in the void. As she decides to have a virtual session with the station doctor, her deputy and the Doctor’s assistant attempt to determine what the dead researcher was scrawling on the walls in the Dark Sector after he murdered his neighbor.


As Deva deals with visions that she cannot explain, she finds out that there are others on the station that are dealing with the same issues. When she determines that all of those people have the same thing in common, her investigation leads them to someone familiar, but it might be too late.

Issue 2 of Infinite Dark is dark and gripping. Ryan Cady is creating an interesting type of horror with this series and both the external investigation and Deva’s internal conflict are compelling to read about. The atmosphere and environment in this story is sound and there is great drama and fear to be mined in an environment as chilling as the vacuum of space devoid of stars and life.

The art is suited perfectly to the style of this narrative. Mutti uses shadow and light to his advantage and creates some gorgeous panels that are detailed and haunting. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next in this story.

Infinite Dark #2




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