Thor #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Christian Ward

Letters by Joe Sabino

In the recent past two friends sit together, drink and reminisce about old times and past glory. When the opportunity comes to engage in battle, Wolverine and Thor are ready. At the end of time, with the universe dying, Thor and Wolverine are face to face again. Only this time, friendship is not in the cards.


Thor’s decision to spark new life on Earth has pissed off the new host of the Phoenix Force and Logan is going to make sure that Thor doesn’t stop him from ending the Earth again. The two clash using all of the powers they have mustered over centuries while a new threat emerges from deep space in the form of Ego. On New Midgard, The Goddesses of Thunder find themselves facing an invasion force led by a not entirely unlikely villain.

I liked this issue, but beyond what it is establishing as far as future threats to New Midgard, there really isn’t much to this issue beyond the Thor/Logan face off and that doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. The issue was fun to read and I liked the call back to their friendship, but there was little to find engaging about this issue. The art was great. In fact, it was the saving grace of the entire issue. Character-wise, Thor was weak and Logan was a little boring. Despite all the power the two of them were wielding, their conversations were stiff and uninspired.

The ending makes up for a lot of the weak points in the plot and what Aaron has introduced might be exactly what is needed to inject something interesting story-wise into this arc.

Thor #5




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