Thor #32

Marvel Comics

Written by Torunn Gronbekk

Art by Juan Gedeon

Colors by Matt Wilson

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Thor chases after the creature that took his father’s soul as Doom continues his plans for power.

Doom has Hela trapped in his castle in Latveria as he attempts to gain the powers of a god. At the same time, Thor and Jane continue to search the ruins of Hel for answers with Thor trying to retrieve the soul of Odin from Nidhogg. A battle that will bring both of them to the very steps of Doom’s castle.

In the future, Laussa sneaks into the old dungeons of Asgard to resurrect Corvus Glaive in order to get answers to the mystery of her kidnapping as a child.

The Story: I continue to enjoy Gronbekk’s work on the title and the characters, but the story is beginning to feel too distant. I like the inclusion of Doom in the arc, but I continue to lose the connection to Thor that brought me to the title. Everything feels like a series of reactions to situations and Thor has less and less agency over events. He’s the king of Asgard and yet he seems to have no idea what is happening ever with anything around him. It’s getting harder to connect with a character this oblivious.

The Art: Gedeon delivers some great art that is visually fun and interesting. I like the character designs and how the art manages to capture the power and presence of Doom.

Thor #32



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