The Wrong Earth Trapped on Teen Planet #1

Ahoy Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by Walter Geovani and Bill Morrison

Inks by Rob Lean

Colors by Andy Troy

Letters by Rob Steen

The Rundown: Dragonfly Man and his team find themselves on a strange world where one of them refuses to leave.

The darkness of Earth-Omega is on full display as a man finds himself being targeted by the corrupt cops pursuing him as someone watches from the shadows. On Earth-Alpha, Deuce and Stinger try to decide what to do with the broken interdimensional portal they have until Dragonfly arrives to warn them about what might be on the other side if they keep messing with it.

When the mirror begins to reform, a powerful robot emerges that might be too much for the heroes to handle, but Stinger’s quick thinking saves the day. Unfortunately, Dragonfly Man gets pulled into the mirror and when his friends follow him, they find themselves on a strange world where everything is even stranger than they think, but Dragonfly has fond memories of. Memories that could keep him from ever leaving.

The Story: Simone crafts a fun, intense and compelling story in this issue. There are great character moments for Dragonfly, Deuce and Stinger to be found. The story was engaging and very funny. I loved the light, classic comic tone of the story and how it still fits with the darker narrative. The progression of the story kept me entertained and intrigued with every panel.

The Art: Geovani and Morrison deliver some fantastic art. The styles work perfectly together and I love the contrast between the different worlds visually.

The Wrong Earth Trapped on Teen Planet #1



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