The Witcher Fading Memories #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Bartosz Sztybor

Art by Amad Mir

Colors by Hamidreza Sheykh

Letters by Steve Dutro

The Rundown: Geralt returns to a town to find and kill the monsters who killed a child, but he uncovers a bigger conspiracy.

A town that once rejected his help has sent a messenger to retrieve Geralt and bring him back after a local child is taken by creatures known as Foglets. When he returns to the town, he is greeted by an enthusiastic crowd clamoring to hear the reassuring words of the mayor. After assuring them that the creatures would be found and killed, she tells the Witcher what he must do next. Not expecting to be told how to do his job, he ventures out to speak to the mother of the victim and discovers something that the mayor lied about in her telling of the story.

After being confronted by the mayor and her men, Geralt talks to the messenger and discovers that the paradise that the townspeople live in is the work of the mayor and their local mage. A mage no one has seen in a long time. When Geralt goes to look for him, not only does he discover the creatures, but a bigger threat as well. A threat linked to a dark secret the mayor is keeping.

The Story: Brilliantly plotted and thoroughly engaging, this issue was a great read from start to finish. The dark, ominous tone of the story kept me involved as a reader and the mystery builds in awesome ways as you find yourself asking the same questions as Geralt. I was impressed with this story and the way that it unfolded and cannot wait to see where it goes next after that well done cliffhanger ending.

The Art: Amad Mir delivers some great art that is beautifully character focused. Each page and panel conveys the mood and tone of the story and its characters. There are some great panels throughout filled with great details.

The Witcher Fading Memories #2



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