the-weatherman-6_fb4bc43e47The Weatherman #6

Image Comics

Written by Jody Leheup

Art by Nathan Fox

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Steve Wands

As the President addresses the people about the auction being held to decide who can torture Nathan next, Amy is fighting for her life against Marshal’s partner in a brutal battle royale. At the same time, Marshal has dispatched Pearl in a manner the “host” would probably find poetic. While everyone is fighting for Nathan for their own reasons, the man himself continues to be subjected to severe torture in the virtual world.


When Amy finally manes her way to the studio, she confronts the Marshal and makes him a deal. When the torture threatens to kill Nathan in the real world, Amy must find a way to help Nathan remember who he is. A procedure that brings up a memory of the man’s other life.

The finale of this first arc of The Weatherman is absolutely satisfying for readers who have been following the story since the first issue. Things wrap up in a manner that allows for this part of the story to be concluded while opening the door to a bigger, more intense arc with the revelation at the end of the issue. There is a complicated quality to Nathan as a character and his even more complicated relationship with Amy is great drama worth exploring and Leheup has given the reader such a rich environment and story that the desire to read those stories is palpable.

Nathan Fox’s art is beautiful. Even in the most brutal and violent of scenes, there is a beauty in the composition of the panel and character details. Everything from the facial expressions to the background details are great. Definitely can’t wait for the next arc.

The Weatherman #6




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