The Umbrella Academy 


Season 2 Episode 1

Right Back Where We Started

In the aftermath of the end of the world, the Hargreeves find themselves transported to Dallas in the 1960’s and smack dab in the middle of another oncoming apocalypse.


The Hargreeves siblings manage to escape from the destruction of the planet and are transported to an ally in the 1960’s. Unfortunately, each of them is sent to the alley at a different point in time. As they each find themselves wandering an era they are unfamiliar with, a lone figure begins to monitor their arrivals. When Number 5 arrives last, he discovers that his siblings play another role in a brand new apocalypse.


After running into someone from his recent past, 5 will not only begin a plan to get his family back together to stop the end of the world, but also that there is a new group of operatives charged with stopping them by any means necessary.

The first episode of the second season begins with a bang in more ways than one. Not only do we get some brilliant special effects, but there is an awesome action sequence that showcases the power of the Umbrella Academy and its characters. Each of the characters embarks on an interesting arc that is consistent with their personalities and it is fun to see 5 try to navigate his way back to them while also trying to piece together why they’re there in the first place.

David Castenada seems to have the most fun in this first episode with Diego going full Diego on a mugger when he arrives in the 60’s only to wind up in a mental hospital after an ill conceived attempt to stop the Kennedy Assassination. His character is more on edge and a little nutty and that, mixed with his continuing daddy issues and hero complex, make him the standout in the episode.


The rest of the characters are great and they fall into their new roles with ease. From Klaus’ newfound fame to Luther’s apathy, the first episode shows that even though they are in a different time, the characters still brought along their old baggage. Ellen Page’s Vanya is the only character that has seemingly found a sort of safe harbor, but that comes at a price.

The first episode of season two does exactly what you want it to with regards to raising the stakes for both the characters and the world they inhabit and it is fun to see threats both old and new developing around them without stealing focus from the main cast.

The Umbrella Academy S02XE01




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