The Ultimates #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Deniz Camp

Art by Juan Frigeri

Colors by Federico Blee

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: The Ultimates decide to take on a mission at the heart of America itself.

The White House is under siege by superpowered entities. Fortunately, these entities are the Ultimates who want to know what the leader of the country is keeping locked in the basement.

After taking on the forces protecting the building, Captain America and Iron Lad find themselves in the office of the President facing down a man calling himself Midas and clad in the first armor created by Tony’s father. A man who has a story to tell about the country while he keeps someone dangerous and powerful locked beneath their feet.

The Story: Camp delivers some truly impressive curve balls into the heart of this story while showcasing how truly different this world is to the reader. I was blown away by the immediacy of this story and how it wove in the flashbacks to the relevant to the mission. I also really loved the twist at the end of the issue and what it means for the characters and their mission as well as what it could mean for this universe considering who they discovered. I am definitely in.

The Art: Frigeri crafts beautifully detailed and visually stunning art throughout this issue. The action is lively and vibrant with amazing colors by Blee.

The Ultimates #2



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