The Ultimates #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Deniz Camp

Art by Juan Frigeri

Colors by Federico Blee

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Tony Stark and Doom take the first steps towards bringing together the heroes the world should have had.

Months after the attack that killed his father and labeled him a terrorist to the world, Tony Stark and Doom aka Reed Richards continue their plan to bring back the heroes their world should have had if not for the intervention of The Maker. As they begin their experiment, they find flaws in it that a newly revived Steve Rogers will inspire them to fix.

Back on Earth, Hank Pym and his wife Janet continue their work as exterminators, but something continues to be off. Something Hank is reluctant to voice as the two of them are intercepted by Stark and his team. A confrontation that will challenge the two to be heroes as they face off against the forces of Captain Britain.

The Story: Camp crafts an entertaining and thrilling story in this first issue. The plot is simple, but executed in a way that is compelling to new readers as well as fans of the original Ultimates run. I really enjoyed the slow burn of the story and how it challenges the conventions of trying to recreate the world as Stark thinks it should have been. It allows for the complications of humanity and creates new circumstances and challenges that make me want to read more. Hank Pym’s role in events is done extremely well and I continue to find interest in the possibilities of this new world and its heroes.

The Art: Frigeri crafts beautifully detailed and dramatic art throughout the issue. The action is incredibly well done and beautifully builds to its finale.

The Ultimates #1



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