large-4912277The Terrifics #7

DC Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Dale Eaglesham

Colors by Mike Etiyeh

Letters by Tom Napolitano

On an alternate Earth in Millennium City, Tom Strong battles his nemesis Saveen both on the pages of the popular book featuring him and in the streets himself as the hero thwarts another dastardly plan. Unfortunately for Tom, he doesn’t get any rest as he is attacked in his home by Doctor Dread.


On our Earth, Mr. Terrific has called the team to his lab to go over the results of his tests on Rex. While Rex seems to be cured, he is still bound to the team. A point that comes up when the team confronts Stagg about the attacks that have been connected to Terrific’s tech and others. When confronting Stagg doesn’t give them the answers they’re searching for, they decide to travel to Tom Strong’s world to talk to the man himself.

As someone who’s been reading this series since the beginning, I’m glad that Lemire has decided to bring Tom Strong into this sooner rather than later. With the continuing mystery of their connection looming, the book needed to get some answers. Answers that could definitely help in moving the story along and helping to develop the characters. There are some interesting moments in this story and I enjoy the throwback feel of the Tom Strong storyline. I really hope that there is a satisfying way to bring these two stories together and that Dread is someone of significance that can flesh out the arc.

Etiyeh has some great art in this issue and the art does a great job of denoting the faster pace of this issue as opposed to previous ones. You really get a sense that things are moving in a direction as a reader through the art. Definitely well done.

The Terrifics #7




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