TTERR_Cv15The Terrifics #15

DC Comics

Written by Gene Luen Yang

Art by Stephen Segovia

Colors by Protobunker

Letters by Tom Napolitano

Michael and Paula Holt discover that all the things they remember about each other can’t hide the fact that they are two different people.


Michael and Paula decide to have a romantic dinner away from all the superhero related crap that has kept them from reconnecting. Unfortunately, even sitting across the table from a woman who looks and sounds like his wife, his mind drifts back to the reality that his wife is dead and Paula is from another dimension of the multiverse. As they reminisce of the people they lost, Paula tells Michael that she rediscovered her faith after his double’s death. He doesn’t get enough time to think about this as two of his T-Spheres comes to warn the both of them of danger.

At Stagg Industries, the rest of the Terrifics find themselves in a battle against a giant snake tearing things apart. The fight ends strangely, but only seems to be the calm before the storm as a Stagg presentation the next day to tout technology designed to train soldiers with simulations goes awry and the constructs begin to wreak havoc on the real world.

Gene Luen Yang jumps into this arc with both feet as the story takes an interesting and unexpected religious and philosophical turn. While the action was great and the characters are fantastic, the God and religion aspects of the story felt out of place in this title. It never really connected for me, but maybe Yang has something metaphysical and interesting coming up in regards to this theme.

Stephen Segovia’s art is great. All of the action was amazing and the characters and backgrounds are rendered beautifully.

The Terrifics #15




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