AC_Cv1010Action Comics #1010

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Steve Epting

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Josh Reed

DEO Director Bones has found himself in the back of a FBI van answering questions from Kate Spencer, but something isn’t right. In the aftermath of the DEO’s destruction, Bones is paranoid and when he finally discovers who Spencer really is, it might be too late.


Meanwhile, Superman and Lois in the Spyral disguises have made their way to London in order find their former contact and handler. As they reminisce over their last spy mission, their contact is more suspicious. When the creature that took out the DEO shows up, Superman goes after it and discovers a clue to Leviathan. Unfortunately, things get more complicated when Lois disappears.

It’s disconcerting that one of the most powerful beings in the universe and a prize-winning investigative reporter are not taking seriously an event that has caused death and destruction across the country. Bendis does a good job of bringing lightness to the situation, but the tone felt off considering the circumstances. I like where the story is going and the first part of the issue was thrilling. Hopefully, there’s a better balance in the story going forward.

Steve Epting’s art was great throughout because it managed to embrace the dark subject matter of the story.

Action Comics #1010




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