TTERR_Cv13The Terrifics #13

DC Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Joe Bennett

Inks by Dexter Vines

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Tom Napolitano

Holt is at the mercy of Java and his Dreadfuls when an unexpected assist frees him and gives him a fighting chance.


That assist comes from the Terrific of the Earth in the form of Michael’s late wife Paula. Apparently, Paula isn’t in the mood to be a victim and decides to use her T-Squares to rescue Michael. The two escape through a dimensional gateway with Java in pursuit.

Back at Michael’s lab, Phantom Girl sends out another alert. Just when she starts to lose hope that anyone will answer, Plastic Man, Metamorpho and company arrive to help her. It’s a sweet moment that adds a little fun when Phantom Girl meets Plastic Man’s son.

Paula and Michael continue to travel between Earths and their journey reveals that they have similar backgrounds and have also suffered a similar loss. When they realize they can’t run anymore, Java and his team move in. Fortunately for the Holt’s, the Terrifics arrive with the help of a friend.

Jeff Lemire crafts a fun issue with a lot of sweet moments between members of the team. While the interactions are fun to see, there isn’t much going on in the story. All of the worlds the Holt’s jump through held more interest and Java was less than menacing. It’s nice seeing the team come together, but who they’re facing becomes less than impressive.

The art by Joe Bennett is really good. I enjoyed the different look of the worlds that the Holt’s traveled too. I wish there was more exciting things in the plot that he could have drawn.

The Terrifics #13




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