The Silver Coin #7

Image Comics

Written by Ram V

Art by Michael Walsh

Colors by Michael Walsh and Toni Marie Griffin

Letters by Michael Walsh

The Rundown: A man on a hot streak at a casino will find out that his luck has run out when he gets a hold of the silver coin.

A man decided to try his luck at a casino and when he hits the jackpot, he walks away with the mysterious silver coin. As an old man sits at a bar having a drink he talks about the history of the town as well as the dark history of the casino called Tzonpanco. As he contemplates the history of the name and what it meant, he watches the man named Lou continues to increase his winnings with the help of the silver coin. As his buddy Nico tries to tell in the slowdown, Lou decides he’s on a hot street and wants to keep going.

Lou decides he’s going to stay at the casino and sends his buddy walking. As he continues to win he gets invited to the high stake rooms to continue betting. Lou’s hot streak continues and he finds himself being invited to stay at the casino. With his luck continuing the rise, Lou is invited to the very top to see the boss. A meeting that puts Lou on the dark path of his final reward.

The Story: I continue to admire and be impressed by this series and the talent of the writers brought on board to bring it to life. Ram V delivers a fantastic story in this issue. The plot has some great moments along with a great message. I love the way the stories intercut and intersect. The story does a great job of fitting into the overall narrative of the series.

The Art: Walsh delivers some fantastic art. The panels and pages are visually compelling and definitely draw the eye.

The Silver Coin #7



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