Amazing Fantasy #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Kaare Kyle Andrews

Art by Kaare Kyle Andrews

Colors by Brian Reber

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: The heroes find themselves headed back to earth and Peter must face the darkest moment of his life.

The displaced heroes of Earth find themselves dealing with a new problem. As a find themselves hurtling through space, both Natasha and Peter managed to find some rare moments of comfort with those that of become their allies. Natasha has questions that need answers and it turns out that the Red King is taking them back to earth. As the heroes continue to fight the zombie hordes, their hunt for the Red King leads to some deadly confrontations.

Spider-Man makes his way to the source of the power that is moving them through space. Unfortunately, a sneak attack stops one of his allies. Steve doesn’t do much better when the twisted version of a familiar face delivers a devastating attack. Peter discovers the true identity of the entity pulling the strings and that revelation shakes him to the core. Peter will soon discover that the only way to defeat his enemy is to face the darkest moment of his past.

The Story: Andrews brings the story to an exciting and compelling conclusion. The plot skillfully completed the character arcs and added some great twists and turns throughout. I like the mysterious nature of the world that’s created in this series and it will be interesting to see if there are more stories that can be told within it. I really enjoyed the big reveal in this issue and how it connects to Spider-Man. The story takes some really interesting narrative risks and ultimately leads to a satisfying conclusion

The Art: Andrews deliver some great art throughout the issue as well. The action was visually exciting and I continue to be impressed style.

Amazing Fantasy #5



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