The Silver Coin #12

Image Comics

Written by Stephanie Phillips

Art by Michael Walsh

Colors by Toni Marie Griffin and Michael Walsh

Letters by Michael Walsh

The Rundown: A soldier averse to killing will find his killer instinct with the help of the silver coin.

It’s winter in the Italian Alps at the height of the war and a company of American troops have German troops on the run. Unfortunately, one of the troops, Patrick, has a problem with killing and gets sick before he pulls the trigger. As the rest of the troops take the location, a dying German tries to hand Patrick something before he is killed. Something Patrick takes before joining the rest of the troops.

As he gets anxious about his failure to take a life, Patrick decides to take the watch. After talking with another one of his fellow soldiers, he is surprised by what looks like a zombie German trooper. As the night gets darker and the mountain colder, Patrick will find himself facing a group of undead soldiers coming to kill him if he doesn’t kill them first.

The Story: Phillips crafts an entertaining story in this issue. While the twist was apparent, the journey to it was intriguing and engaging. I loved the atmosphere of the story and the intimate nature of the plot. While it didn’t have some of the visceral elements of the previous issues of the series, it was still well written and entertaining as part of the journey of the silver coin.

The Art: Walsh delivers some impressive art in the issue. The visuals take full advantage of the setting and create a wonderful sense of emotion from the dark, cold and scary environment.

The Silver Coin #12



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