The Silver Coin #10

Image Comics

Written by Michael Walsh

Art by Michael Walsh

Colors by Toni Marie Griffin and Michael Walsh

Letters by Michael Walsh

The Rundown: Trying to help a restless spirit will unleash a dark power and the dark souls that serve it.

A group of young people sit around enjoying the afternoon not realizing that one of them seems to have a way with animals. When her friends leave, Audrey is visited by a crow who needs her help. Traveling deeper into the woods, Audrey discovers a mangled body clutching a mysterious object and a shadowy figure who has been waiting for someone like her to come. A figure who has a story to tell about her untimely death.

That night, Audrey and her friends hang out at her house to watch a movie. What she doesn’t tell them is that they are there for another purpose. A purpose she needs their help to fulfill. Audrey asks her friends to help her free the souls trapped within the Silver Coin. Unfortunately, their ritual reveals the power behind the coin and the lesson it decides to teach the spirit who wanted to be free of it. A lesson not everyone will survive.

The Story: Walsh delivers a powerful, tense and wonderfully dark story in this issue. There are so many awesome moments that are a treat for anyone who has been reading this series. I loved all the callbacks and how perfectly they were utilized in this story. The plot was brilliantly executed and made me excited for more.

The Art: Walsh delivers some powerful imagery in this issue. The style of the art is a perfect match both in tone and detail to the power of the story.

The Silver Coin #10



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