Rain #3

Image Comics

Written by Joe Hill and David M Booher

Art by Zoe Thorogood

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: Honeysuckle gets an unexpected companion on her journey and runs into trouble.

Honeysuckle and her new traveling companion Marc get an unexpected visitor in the form of young Templeton. As the two argue about whether to take him home or keep going on to Denver, one of the cultists they knocked out starts to revive. As they continue their journey, the rain falls again, but this time it’s different. The three decide to take shelter and Honeysuckle sees what is becoming of people in the aftermath and doesn’t like it.

As the wait for the rain to pass, Templeton asks some pretty intense questions that neither one of the adults have answers for. In the morning, the group sees efforts to remove and bury the dead, but Honeysuckle remains guarded about telling anyone where they’re going and why. Her suspicion of the situation comes dramatically to life when an escaping prisoner takes Templeton hostage and forces Honeysuckle to make a dangerous decision.

The Story: The story continues to be an engaging and entertaining slow burn that transports the reader into an interesting world where the best and worst of humanity can be found. I continue to enjoy the emotional depths of the story and how its characters continue to be the most interesting aspect of it. I love the parallel between the dangers of the rain itself as well as what it is turning its survivors into.

The Art: Thorogood delivers some fantastic visuals in the issue. There are some great character moments to be found and the imagery is breathtaking.

Rain #3



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