Slumber #1

Image Comics

Written by Tyler Burton Smith

Art by Vanessa Cardinali

Colors by Simon Robins

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: A rash of killings will get the attention of a detective and a nightmare hunter.

Detective Finch is brought in to the latest crime scene of the Sleepwalker Killings and his unconventional style might be the asset they need. After looking over the latest victim and learning about the suspect in custody, Finch sees similarities from other crime scenes including a card for a person of interest that might be connected to the events. Stetson specializes in dream therapy and uses technology to have clients enter their nightmares where she disposes of the nightmares that plague them along with her mysterious partner.

 After helping her latest client, she discovers that a dark presence connected with her past is in the man’s dream as well and Stetson wants to know where the being known as Valkira is. A case that is rooted in her own mysterious past and consumes her life. At the same time, Finch comes face to face with an unknown power who will make him part of his own investigation.

The Story: Tyler Burton Smith delivers an entertaining and unique story in this first issue. The characters are interesting and the premise is really engaging. There are some compelling character moments in the issue and the world of the characters draws in the reader. The story is wonderfully complex and ends on a cliffhanger that makes me interested in where the story goes next.

The Art: Cardinali delivers some fantastic and surreal imagery throughout the issue. The dream sequences are delightfully trippy and the art does a wonderful job of capturing the mood and tone of the story.

Slumber #1



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