652B426C-79AD-4AA9-B566-37B82E33AEC1The Silencer #4

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Viktor Bogdanovic

Colors by Mike Spicer

In a flashback to her past, we see the Silencer sparring with her mentor Talia as she learns of the purpose of Leviathan and her place in it. As she confronts Talia about her desire to leave the organization, Talia tells her of one last job that she must perform before she will be free.

Back in the present, we get a look at Honor’s home life, specifically the day-to-day struggle that most people lament. It’s a fun moment that allows for the reader to see if Honor can affirm the decision that she made or does she regret leaving the life that made her into what she was. After she is confronted with the truth about her target, she must decide how far she will go get the life she wants.


In the present, she must decide how far she’ll go to keep the life she has. This means visiting an old friend from her previous life to get some new tools. I like that the alibi she’s using for her new gig is that she is a Lyft driver. It’s a plausible cover that goes a long way to keeping her secret life away from her personal one. How long that cover will remain is a mystery itself. The best part of this issue is the confrontation Honor has in her past with the professional hired to keep her target alive.

It was only a matter of time before these two characters would have to confront each other in some capacity and I always wondered what that might entail. It doesn’t disappoint, even if it is a little short. I like that there wasn’t pages of dialogue between them. This is Honor’s story and her operating on the fringes of the DC universe is what makes those stories work. Hopefully, they keep this momentum going into the next issue.

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