The Scumbag #8

Image Comics

Written by Rick Remender

Art by Alex Riegel

Colors by Moreno Dinisio

Letters by Rus Wooton

The Rundown: Ernie is faced with another difficult decision as he and his partner learn more about each other.

Ernie is right where he wants to be, getting intimate with Petal. Unfortunately, the intervention of Sister Mary is going to throw a wrench into Ernie’s plans as Mary cuts a swath of destruction throughout the moon base. At the same time, Pam and Brother Wolf continue to work on their only way of escaping as the love gun gets ready to fire. When Madam Hive intervenes, she gives him a choice. He can stay with Petal, but he has to stop Mary first.

Being the true scumbag that he is, Ernie chooses his own pleasure over his partner and this gives Hive the perfect opportunity to use her power on Mary, turning her into a hippie. As Ernie and Mary are taken away, the two learn more about their pasts as Madam Hive prepares to fire on the Earth and turn everyone into people like her. As Ernie prepares to use his power to power the weapon, a last minute intervention will cause an unexpected change. One that will be directly connected to Ernie.

The Story: Rick Remender keeps the tone of the story smooth and fun as the characters tackle some pretty interesting issues both personal and external. I liked learning more about Ernie and Mary’s pasts and how they have some pretty close themes. The adventure elements work well and are as fun as the dialogue. There is a small evolution in Ernie as a character and that growth allows for some interesting possibilities.

The Art: Alex Riegel does great work with the art in this issue. The art is stylish and fun with awesome action beats throughout.

The Scumbag #8



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