The Scumbag #5

Image Comics

Written by Rick Remender

Art by Wes Craig

Colors by Moreno Dinisio

Letters by Rus Wooton

The Rundown: The scope of Prosoma’s plan is revealed and Ernie finds himself at a crossroads.

Agent Scumbag and Sister Mary are still at the party in Scorpionus mansion, but they’ve been separated and Mary is tasked with getting the intel that Central Authority needs before their enemies can continue the next phase of their plan to “save” the planet. Unfortunately for Ernie, the mission comes first and he doesn’t get to enjoy the fruits of his labor in the party downstairs as Mary is quick to pull him out the mansion.

As the two wing their way to the Whole Green facility to see where their cheap clean gas is coming from, Ernie is keeping a secret. A secret that will put Mary’s life in danger as Ernie questions why he’s working against Scorpionus. Things get even more intense when they infiltrate the facility and see the full scope of the operation. With this information, Ernie will have to make a decision to either keeping being a scumbag or finally start to be a hero.

The Story: Remender continues to craft a story that is thrilling, funny and full of surprises. There are some great moments throughout and an energy and immediacy to the plot that is rivaled only by the timeliness of the themes within it. The characters continue to grow and evolve and Ernie’s twisted path is one that is entertaining to see unfold.

The Art: Wes Craig delivers some great, energetic art throughout the issue. There are some great character moments and the energy of the story is reflected in the art.

The Scumbag #5



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