The Scumbag #11

Image Comics

Written by Rick Remender

Art by Rick Boschi

Colors by Moreno Dinisio

Letters by Rus Wooton

The Rundown: Ernie’s quest for his old life will lead to another worldwide disaster.

Sister Mary is brought in to answer for the latest messed up adventure she and Ernie found themselves on. Unfortunately, Ernie is in the wind and no one knows where he is. Agent Scumbag is in New York meeting with the head of Scorpinus to drop off the Anti-Verse Mirror he stole and collect his payment. A payment that will bring him back to some familiar stomping grounds, familiar habits and a solution that will bring him back to his old life.

An old life that is now shunning him as well after his face is plastered all over the news for his role in what happened to the world. With the world mutually hating him, Central Authority sends Mary to end Ernie once and for all. As she confronts Ernie with the truth about who and what he is, his chickens come home to roost when Scorpinus uses the Anti-Verse Mirror to transform the world into another nightmare.

The Story: Remender continues to infuse the absurd aspects of this story with heart and that is what makes this series work. Ernie is just trying to have a good time but Remender does a brilliant job of showcasing the flaws in his ideology along with everyone else’s. There are some great, thought-provoking moments to be found throughout the story and mixed in with the humor. I continue to enjoy the free nature of this world and the chances it takes thematically and narratively.

The Art: Boschi delivers some great visual moments throughout the issue. The art has a great look and style that complements the themes and tone of the story.

The Scumbag #11



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