The Good Asian #7

Image Comics

Written by Pornsak Pichetshote

Art by Alexandre Tefenkgi

Colors by Lee Loughridge

Letters by Jeff Powell

The Rundown: Edison Hark is captured by a dangerous enemy with a surprising history.

Edison finds himself trapped with the Hui Long. During an escape attempt, he shares his theories with his captor. However, he then learns something unexpected. Soon, Edison is put in mortal danger. As he fights to survive, he is confronted with an awful perspective of his actions. Then, in a surprising turn of events, Edison makes a narrow escape. Finally, devastation rocks Chinatown and promises to change the world as its inhabitants know it.

The Story: Pichetshote graces his readers with a well-crafted and compelling new entry in this magnificent series. I was spellbound by this tale and truly felt as though I were a part of the events taking place. There are a wealth of interesting and thought-provoking plot points that take place in the chapter.

First, the Hui Long, as a fully fleshed out character is both terrifying and relatable. His struggle to find acceptance in juxtaposition with Edison’s is intriguing, and I applaud Pichetshote for his bravery in showcasing their different perspectives. Second, the levels of depth to the disappearance of Ivy Chen continues to increase exponentially. And finally, the calculative nature of Victoria Carroway is brought to the forefront in the most exciting way. I long ago decided to forego trying to solve the overall mystery and just go along for the ride. And for now, I eagerly await the next piece in this magnificent puzzle.

Also, as always, I implore the readers to check out the back pages of this comic. The content there is both informative and entertaining.

The Art: This issue features some really impactful action scenes. The character expressive artwork and changing color tones are emotionally connective and fully immerses the reader into the story. I feel that the illustrations not only compliment the mood of the story but highlight the disturbing nature of the events that transpire.

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