The Schlub #1

Image Comics

Written by Ryan Stegman and Kenny Porter

Art by Tyrell Cannon

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by John J. Hill

The Rundown: Roger Dalton’s life changes for the better while things get potentially worse for everyone else.

Roger Dalton is a dentist who has never lived up to his potential in any way either personal or professional. Even as his life continues to fall apart, he never takes any accountability for the role he plays in it. When a superhero named Cirrus burst through his office during a fight with his enemy Wyrm, Roger finds himself changed potentially forever.

A device Wyrm is trying to use to steal Cirrus’ body works the wrong way and Cirrus is switched with Roger who has to come to terms with being a superhero quickly. Something he plans to do after indulging in some truly selfish behavior.

The Story: Stegman and Porter craft a fun, funny and entertaining story in this first issue. The premise is the perfect setup for comedy and the writers do a great job of mining that premise in a way to set up interesting characters, stakes and circumstances. The premise of an everyman getting phenomenal powers and still being a moron with them is right on the nose and I look forward to seeing how big a mess Roger makes with those powers.

The Art: Cannon delivers some great art throughout the issue. I really enjoyed the visual style and how it captures the comedic vibe and tone of the story.

The Schlub #1



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