Battle Chasers #12

Image Comics

Written by Joe Madureira

Art by Ludo Lullabi

Colors by Ludo Lullabi

Letters by Richard Starkings and Tyler Smith

The Rundown: Garrison gives himself over to darkness while Gully deals with new threats.

In order to protect Monika, Garrison gives himself over to the power of the sword and the entity that takes over shows how powerful it is as it goes after the hunters coming for them. At the same time, Monika fights another hunter as she receives some unexpected help from a friend.

At the castle, Knolan tries to calm down the king as he hears about what Gully and Bretto did to the guards before retrieving her gauntlets. As the king decides whether to keep the trio as guests or prisoners, Gully hears what is going to happen to the man claiming to be her brother and when.

The Story: The story takes a dark turn for Garrison and Monika in this issue while Gully deals with not only the consequences of her actions but also the revelation she continues to hide from. Maduereira delivers a fantastic story in this issue and all of the suspense and intrigue play out in ways that are compelling to the reader as we return to this fantastic world. Things between the characters are getting tenser and I am excited to continue this ride.

The Art: Lullabi offers some brilliantly detailed and exciting art throughout the issue. The visuals are fantastic and the artistic style complements the pacing, action and tone of the story perfectly.

Battle Chasers #12



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