The Penguin #1

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Rafael De Latorre

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Oswald Cobblepot finds his new life upended.

Oswald Cobblepot has gotten out of the game and is living a quiet life. Unfortunately, people know where and who he is and they want to get his attention. At the same time, Oswald struggles to hold in his darker emotions while settling into a new life with a new love.

Penguin’s new life begins to crumble when a government agent with a connection to him decides that he now works for her and her mysterious benefactor and their plan for him involves a return to Gotham and Batman.

The Story: King crafts another compelling and entertaining story that starts with a mystery and builds on both it and the tension within it perfectly. I love the fantastic progression of events in this story as well as how King tells it from the points of view of different characters. I also really love the use of Batman in this story and how high the stakes are for the character and his connection to Penguin. I am excited to see how this story goes.

The Art: De Latorre delivers some amazing art throughout the issue. I love how the imagery captures the rising tension and suspense of the story.

The Penguin #1



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