The Sacrificers #3

Image Comics

Written by Rick Remender

Art by Max Fiumara

Colors by Dave McCaig

Letters by Rus Wooton

The Rundown: The sacrifices discover what their purpose really is while the princess attends a party for the most powerful.

The rich and powerful from across the land gather for a party thrown in their honor. Representatives from across the land arrive to bask in their decadence and the princess hides herself away to watch the events unfold.

At the same time, the sacrifices find themselves in a land filled with food, games and joy. As they get to know each other and revel in the peace they’ve discovered, some of them will discover too late the true purpose that they serve.

The Story: Remender continues to craft an intensely interesting world in this story. The plot is filled with a great tone and a rising suspense that kept me riveted and engaged with every moment. Both sides of the story are compelling and I absolutely love how Remender brings them together to show the reader exactly what is happening to the sacrifices and what their sacrifice sustains for the powerful.

The Art: Fiumara delivers some truly magical imagery throughout the issue. The funhouse atmosphere for the sacrifices is brilliantly contrasted with the party atmosphere the rich and powerful live in.

The Sacrificers #3



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