The Devil that Wears My Face #1

Mad Cave Studios

Written by David Pepose

Art by Alex Cormack

Colors by Alex Cormack

Letters by Justin Birch

The Rundown: A priest tries to save a young man from a demon with dark consequences.

At a castle in Spain, a young man named Santiago has been possessed by a demon. One who has killed any priest brave enough to attempt to exorcise it. At the Vatican, Father Vieri runs afoul of powerful forces in the church and his past is used against him.

As a means of removing him, he is sent to exorcise the demon in Santiago. After a harrowing encounter, Vieri returns changed. A change that will lead to darkness within the church.

The Story: Pepose crafts a truly suspenseful and often scary story in this first issue. The plot has a wonderfully dark and ominous tone to it. The characters are engaging and the premise is compelling. I love the darkness of the story and how everything builds from the initial reveal of the demon to the conspiracy within the church. Vieri is an interesting character and I look forward to seeing where this story goes next.

The Art: Cormack delivers some fantastically brutal and gorgeously detailed art throughout the issue. Every page has something that catches the eye.

The Devil that Wears My Face #1



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