The Rocketeer: The Great Race #3

IDW Publishing

Written by Stephen Mooney

Art by Stephen Mooney

Colors by Len O’Grady

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: Cliff runs into more trouble as the race continues and Betty’s trip to Paris will have an unexpected detour.

Cliff is in trouble and gets an unexpected save from his fellow American competitor. After a harrowing leg, Cliff makes his way to London for the next leg of the race. While he waits for Betty to arrive, he gets into a scrap with his German counterpart. At the same time, Betty runs into trouble when she lands in Paris.

As Cliff begins the next leg of the race, he gets a message that Betty has been taken. With the race slipping through his fingers, Cliff will have to strap on the rocket and take on kidnappers if he has any chance of saving Betty.

The Story: Mooney continues to craft a fun, thrilling and entertaining story in this issue. It has a great classic feel while still being relevant. The action is thrilling and the story has a great, adventurous pace with ramped up tension that kept me engaged from moment to moment. It was fun to see Cliff strap on the rocket again and Betty has a great sense of agency throughout the story as well.

The Art: Mooney crafts some beautifully detailed and action sequences that are as thrilling as the story.

The Rocketeer: The Great Race #3



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