The Rocketeer in the Den of Thieves #4

IDW Publishing

Written by Stephen Mooney

Art by David Messina

Colors by David Messina and Ilaria Traversi

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: Cliff and Betty attempt to rescue Peevy while the Nazis begin a planned invasion of America.

Cliff has located the base Peevy is being kept at and is taking on a force of Nazi rocketeers who are trying to keep him from escaping. After outmaneuvering the enemy flyers, Cliff and Betty manage to find Peevy and a way to escape Germany.

Unfortunately, the Nazis have their own plan. When Cliff and company reach the states, they discover they’ve been followed by another contingent of Nazi rocketeers who have targeted New York.

The Story: Mooney brings this story to a brilliantly thrilling and exciting conclusion. The story is pure action and adventure throughout and has a fantastic level of tension that kept me on the edge of my seat with each page and panel. I absolutely loved the story and how fun and exciting it is. Another brilliant story that pays tribute to the world created by Dave Stevens.

The Art: Messina’s art is powerful, beautifully detailed and dynamic. The action is cinematic in every possible way and drew me into every suspense filled moment.

The Rocketeer in the Den of Thieves #4



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