The Roadie #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Tim Seeley

Art by Fran Galan

Colors by Fran Galan

Letters by El Torres

The Rundown: Joe and his daughter Shelby rush to escape a demonic threat. 

In the aftermath of the talent show, Shelby discovers that her performance is getting the wrong type of attention. As she prepares to leave, she spots two students who turn out to be anything but when they attack her. Joe arrives just in time to rescue her, but she is not buying his story of demons and magic. 

At the same time, his absence from the band he works with causes strange things to happen to them. After revealing that he is her father, Shelby sees first hand what he can do and the two go on the run with demonic forces hot on their heels. 

The Story: A fun, raucous and entertaining thrill ride that kept me entertained from start to finish. Seeley packs in some great action, comedy and thrills throughout the story and I continue to be impressed with the premise and the tone of this series. The story is darkly fun and builds its tension on the back of great dialogue and characters. 

The Art: Galan delivers dark, fun, funny and sexy imagery throughout the issue. The visuals are brilliantly detailed and perfectly capture the tone of the story. 

The Roadie #2



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