Rogues’ Gallery #4

Image Comics

Written by Hannah Rose May

Art by Justin Mason

Colors by Triona Farrell

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: Maisie faces a final showdown with killer fans. 

Maisie and her husband are trapped in her office while the people who broke into her house prepare to kill them both. Two of them begin to have second thoughts after the murder of Maisie’s assistant and the increasing violence of their leader Dodge. After fighting them off, the couple attempts to flee, but are caught by another killer. One who does something none of them can come back from.

After Maisie escapes, she decides that enough is enough. Fueled by her rage, Maisie Wade decides to suit up as the comic book character she plays and show these killers that she is more than just an actor on a television show. 

The Story: Hannah Rose May brings this story to an awesome, action filled and exciting conclusion. There is a great intensity in the plot and every moment of tension is engaging. I love the world of this story and how relevant many of its themes are especially when it comes to toxic fandom and how dangerous it can get. 

The Art: Mason delivers some great art throughout the issue. The pacing of the issue and its action are brilliantly done visually.

Rogues’ Gallery #4



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