the-ride-burning-desire-2-of-5_bfb51c0582The Ride Burning Desire #2

Image Comics

Written by Doug Wagner

Art by Daniel Hillyard and Chris Brunner

Colors by Laura Martin and Rico Renzi

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: Two stories of tragedy punctuate this issue as a ride will take the characters to dark and tragic destinations.

In the first story, former detective Vega will find herself pulled into the dark world of one of the dancers she protects. In order to protect the woman’s daughter, Vega works hard to protect the mother and keep her clean. When she gets a call from their mutual employer in a panic, she risks her parole to go looking for the woman only to find a tragic scene that is more than it seems.


In the second story, Ash just wants to go to the prom. She and her little sister prepare in secret and the young lady looks radiant in her gown. When her mother enters the room, she encourages her daughter to go, but there is a dark undertone to the mother’s motives. An undertone that Ash will discover when she comes home to find the house filled with smoke and her mother holding her panicked little sister among the growing flames.

The Story: I really enjoyed both parts of this story. Both stories are interesting enough to sustain an entire issue on their own, but I enjoy how they are broken up into parts of the whole. It forces me to look for connections between the characters and themes. The dialogue is great. Vega has all the gravitas and grit of a film noir detective and I am interested in how she will navigate this investigation while she deals with being on parole. Ash’s story is more tragic, but it is incredibly compelling. I want to see the circumstances that brought this family to where they are when this story begins and how events will change Ash going forward.

The Art: Daniel Hillyard and Chris Brunner deliver some impressive and beautiful art with styles that dramatically contrast and complement in great ways.

The Ride Burning Desires #2




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