The Next Batman Second Son #2

DC Comics

Written by John Ridley

Pencil by Tony Akins and Travel Foreman

Breakdowns by Marco Failla

Ink by Mark Morales

Color by Rex Lokus

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Tim Fox returns home to a Gotham City in the aftermath of the Joker War.

This issue gives a brief glimpse of the Fox family and the happenings in Gotham. Lucius is spending time gathering information as Tim greets his mother and sisters after a long absence. Meanwhile, Luke is busy handling a secret matter. Lucius, the patriarch of the family, is spending time gathering information. Tensions are high due to Tim’s return as everyone has a different opinion of him.

Elsewhere in Gotham, the city’s police department makes preparations to increase the safety of its citizens.

The Story: John Ridley does a good job in laying out the foundations of this series. He has set Tim up as an intriguing character, whose presence and angst reminds me of a young Bruce Wayne. It will be interesting to see how he fits into a Gotham in transition. However, its the family dynamics that have me hooked. I want to know more about Tim’s role within the group, and how that plays into his past and future plans.

The Art: Detailed drawings are set off by cool toned colors. The character expressions shown through face and body images give the story an emotional depth. And the action sequence is engaging and well done.

The Next Batman Second Son #2



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