Infinite Frontier #0

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Brian Michael Bendis, Joelle Jones, Tim Sheridan, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Geoff Johns and Geoffrey Thorne

Art by John Timms, David Marquez, Jorge Jimenez, Alitha Martinez, Mark Morales, Joelle Jones, Stephen Byrne, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Jamal Igle, Alex Maleev, Todd Nauck, Dexter Soy, Howard Porter, John Romit Jr and Klaus Janson

Colors by Alex Sinclair, Tamra Bonvillain, Tomeu Morey, Emilio Lopez, Jordie Bellaire, Aejandro Sanchez, Hi-Fi, and Brad Anderson

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: A new group of stories showcases the new universe and what Diana’s place within it will be. She and the Spectre travel the Earth to not only check on her friends, but to hunt down a dark threat she knows is emerging in this new universe.

Justice League

A new emerges in the wake of the returned multiverse and Superman finds himself late to the event of the heroes emergence. An event that brings Flash as well to find out too late that the new hero is someone they already know, but not for the reasons we think.

An interesting short that doesn’t really reveal much but teases some interesting stories to come.


An attack on Arkham finds several guards and one high profile inmate dead . When the alert goes out, Batman rushes to the asylum as Barbara rallies her team to help. Grifter checks on the Fox family due to their connection to the suspected perpetrator and the city’s leaders brace for something worse to come.

James Tynion IV teased an aftermath to the Joker War and it is intriguing to see how it is starting to play out and the mystery around it. There are a couple of great surprises to be found as well.

Wonder Woman

In the absence of Diana’s presence, the remaining Amazons fight to see who will take up the mantle of Wonder Woman. Hippolyta takes one of them aside and makes her wishes known as she decides on the future of the mantle and who will return to man’s world.

A great short that has a well done surprise at the end.

Wonder Girl

Yara Flores prepares to return home but her aunt is not pleased with the decision. As she assures her aunt and uncle she will be safe, forces in the shadows watch her and prepare for their next move.

A great short that has an engaging tone that hopefully will translate into the upcoming series.

Green Lantern: Alan Scott

The adult children of Alan Scott return to the headquarters of the Justice Society to meet with their father. As the first Green Lantern of Earth is called to a new an exciting role, Alan decides that he cannot start this new life without being his authentic self. A self that needs to reveal his truth to his children.

A sweet short story that has an inspiring message.

Teen Titans Academy

A new group of young heroes finds themselves on a ferry headed to unknown adventure at Teen Titans Academy.

The short doesn’t reveal much in the way of character or conflict so there really wasn’t much to hold onto.


Spectre and Diana watch Jonathan Kent with different perspectives on the young man’s future. While Spectre sees him as a dangerous anomaly that cannot be quantified, Diana sees the compassion within him as something that can nurtured.

I like the quiet nature of this story. I also like the layers it puts into Jonathan’s story beyond being the son of Superman.

Green Arrow and Black Canary

Ollie and Dinah are enjoying some quiet time together as they contemplate the return of their memories and the the unknown future ahead. What they weren’t expecting is the return of someone they believed long dead.

A great short story that teases some interesting conflict to come for the couple.


Courtney has to find a better way to balance her life as a superhero and her reality as a high school teacher. Thankfully, Pat is there to help her as much as he can, but a call from an old friend might mean trouble.

A good short story that recaps the characters and their dynamics.

Green Lanterns

John Stewart and Simon Baz are on escort duty as they are tasked with delivering Kid Lantern to the Guardians on Oa. As Simon wonders why he and Jessica were separated, John knows that the creation of a new and expanding multiverse will require the corps.

A well done short story that teases some interesting dynamics for the Green Lantern Corps going forward.

The Flash

As the new multiverse emerges and expands, there are parts of it that have not been mapped or explored. Barry calls Wally to the Totality to let him know that he has been tasked with a new role in the multiverse. A role that will require someone to take over as The Flash on Earth.

I’m interested in seeing where this story goes, but both Barry and Wally have so much baggage that the interpersonal conflicts might be more entertaining.


After seeing her friends and allies, Diana is not convinced that the darkness she senses is gone and is resolved to take a new role in the events to come. As she begins her next adventure, a dark, familiar evil rises from the uncharted corner of the multiverse determined to bring it to an end.

An awesome epilogue that delivers some great, unexpected surprises.

Infinite Frontier #0



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