ACE08B1F-BB9C-4B65-9CFD-D5F8CC89E64EThe New Mutants Dead Souls #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Adam Gorham

Colors by Michael Garland

In a passenger plane above North Carolina, Prodigy is outed by the planes announcement with an ominous message. Forty feet below New York City, The New Mutants are taking on a ground of Mindless Ones in the sewers. I like the transition in the opening of this issue, especially the back and forth between Strong Guy and Rictor. In a fun twist, Prodigy decides to call Boom Boom while they are in the midst of the fight and the team’s reaction to it is pretty entertaining.


As Magik makes the decision to teleport the team to the plane, which is now plummeting to the ground, we get to see how imprecise the process really is. A scene that lends itself to its own drama. Drama that only intensifies when they board the plane and are immediately attacked by the passengers. At the same time, cracks begin to form with the team as they seem to be exhibiting the same aggressive behavior as the passengers with Rahne going after Guido and Tabitha going after Rictor. It’s at that point Magik realizes what is going on and takes a dramatic step to save her team and confront the entity locked in the cockpit.

The issue has some pretty straightforward storytelling from Rosenberg. It moves well through the narrative and reveals some interesting character interactions between the members of this team. The other thing it does well is establish that there is more to their missions than Magik is letting on and that the group itself is up against something that none of them may be ready for, including Magik. Gorham’s art is well done in this issue as well with some really great, dramatic camera angles in the panels that increase the drama of the scene. The ending was jarring enough to make me interested in what happens next.


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