6cb10ced-46dc-4223-9d75-dd70f409e812-3186-000004819239c749Domino #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by David Baldeon

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

The luck that has been keeping Domino alive for this long is failing her quickly as she finds herself falling from her penthouse apartment after being thrown out of it. The most torturous part about it is that she knows that it’s happening. Her panic is evident in the exposition that accompanies the opening pages, which are beautifully drawn. What makes matters worse and more dangerous is that the person who took away her luck seems to be able to give it back at will. Something Domino is grateful for when she’s rescued by a passing Spider-Man.


Whoever the mystery old man that has beef with Domino is, he seems to be ready to take on the entire party along with his bodyguard Topaz and he decides to tell them what her powers do exactly. The mystery around this old guy continues to be fascinating. I want to know more about him and what he wants, but at the same time, I want the mystery to play itself out more so that the reveal has more impact. Also, “Justice Batch of Jackholes” is now my new favorite line in comics.

Domino is feeling vulnerable and that feeling manifests in some pretty interesting commentary and conversations with her friends. It’s a rarely seen side of the character and that vulnerability puts her in the position where she might need some outside help. Her interaction with Amadeus Cho is actually intriguing. It puts forth something I never thought about regarding her powers and how they might be augmented or maintained. Her jaunt in the park with Cho serves more than two purposes and its drawn and written in a way that is exciting to read and see.

There’s a new dynamic to Domino in this issue. One that has her on the defensive and looking for answers. It’s creating some great drama both in the first issue and this one as well as opening up some interesting avenues going forward for the character and her story. Definitely worth picking up.


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