The Marvels #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Kurt Busiek

Art by Yildiray Cinar

Colors by Richard Isanove

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: A time spanning adventure that will incorporate several familiar faces and introduce readers to some new ones.

All around the world and all across time, a threat is growing and changing. Heroes from all over are meeting the threat head on, but no one is quite sure of the source. What no one realizes is that all of the events can be traced to the country of Sin-Cong. The country has changed a lot over time, but the mysterious Lady Lotus has continued to grow in power through the years prompting the intervention of heroes from around the world.

In present day New York, Kevin Schumer has a small business that he runs that uses a decommissioned Fantasti-Car to take tourists throughout the city for possible superhero sightings. When his latest tour gives his customers a view at Spider-Man fighting Vulture, Kevin unwittingly finds himself in the middle of a bigger conflict as Punisher searches for answers in Little Sin-Cong and a couple of dark figures watch events unfold.

The Story: Busiek is building an interesting and expansive world in this first issue. There is a lot going on across time and with multiple characters, but you never get lost in the story. It does a great job of focusing the reader on events in a way that feel inclusive and immersive. The characters and plot are really interesting and I found myself intrigued by how all the different parts of the story will come together. I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds and just how epic and expansive it can be.

The Art: Cinar delivers some beautiful imagery throughout the issue. From the first pages to the action beats, everything looks fantastic.

The Marvels #1



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