The Many Deaths of Laila Starr #4

BOOM! Studios

Written by Ram V

Art by Filipe Andrade

Colors by Ines Amaro

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: Laila Starr converses with an unusual entity and later has a confrontation with Darius Shah that may change the course of nature.

Laila enters a Taoist Temple and has a conversation with someone unexpected. She asks for directions to a specific address. She is given the information, but is requested to check in on a neighborhood resident. Laila immediately goes to the house of Darius Shah. After an awkward greeting, Darius questions her intent. Then, a revealing exchange leads Darius to make an impactful decision. Later, Laila makes a sad discovery and returns to the temple where a tragedy takes place. Finally, Laila talks with an old friend who reveals something surprising.

The Story: Ram V has expertly crafted a narrative surrounding life and death that is pure genius. As Darius recalls the circumstances surrounding his meetings with Laila, the puzzle pieces begin to fit into a devastating pattern. And the realization left me breathless. Weaved into this chapter is the tale of Wei and his dearest friend. And with it, a different type of love and loss is presented. My mind was blown by the levels in which Death and her impact is explored. I can’t say enough good things about this series. And I look forward to the next issue.

The Art: Andrade uses a traditional art style that is filled with detail and expression. And the watercolor style palette changes with the tone of the story. Together, it creates a dizzying and fluid effect that perfectly encapsulates the mood of the tale. Overall, I found this to be a visually stimulation issue that is emotionally engaging and pleasing.

The Many Deaths of Laila Starr #4



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