Reptil #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Terry Blas

Pencils by Enid Balám

Inks by Victor Olazaba

Colors by Carlos Lopez

Letters by VC’s Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Humberto and his cousins search for Henry Desjardin yields surprising information.

Humberto, Julian, and Eva escape from Dinosaur World. The next day, Humberto’s depression prompts an enlightening discussion between himself and Julian. Later on, the trio of cousins travel to Desjardin’s home in L.A. to seek answers. Once there, they discover an object with unusual properties. Then, Humberto, Julian, and Eva are confronted by an angry Desjardin. During the encounter, Desjardin is forced to disclose a secret involving his amulet, and an altercation soon occurs. Another revelation occurs when Julian comes face to face with his enemy. Finally, Humberto and his cousins manage a desperate attempt at escape.

The Story: Blas has crafted an exciting tale filled with world building content. I really like the way this chapter is able to blend high-powered action with deeply personal tones. And while I enjoyed the energetic adventure and shocking reveals, the conversation between Humberto and Julian was the highlight of this chapter. Julian sharing his personal experience with coming out, and the emotional toll it took on him, is extremely important. As is his commentary on therapy and feeling in control. It is encouraging and beautifully written. And I commend Blas for creating such an LGBTQ+ positive dialogue in this format. I hope young people will be able to see themselves in this story and find hope. Overall, I found this episode very enjoyable, and can’t wait to find out how this series concludes.

The Art: The illustrations in this issue are youthful and vibrant. And a focus on character expression and form help to foster a deeper connection with the story. This good looking and well designed edition is both fun and engaging.

Reptil #3



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